The Gut and the Brain - With focus on Autism Symptom Disorder

Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institute, May 7th 2012; 10-18


Tore Midtvedt
Welcome and Introduction
The ChildPictures from a Canadian Documentary
Hanne Bjørg Walker A true case story     
Sven Bölte The phenotype and etiology of ASD: where do we stand?
Terje Falck-Ytter
Longitudinal high-risk study of ASD
The Brain
Rochellys  Heijtz
 Perinatal factors influencing brain development and behavior:  Implication for ASD
Kenneth Hugdahl Functional and structural NMR –possibilities and challenges

The Gut

Tore Midtvedt  The gut – a triggering place for autism – possibilities and challenges
The Connection
John Bienenstock Commensal communication to the brain: pathways and behavioral  consequences
Problems, possibilities, challenges – and solutions?
Jeremy Nicholson Microbial host metabolic signaling and potential interactions in autism
Derrick Fraser MacFabe Autism and the mitochondri
Karl Ludvig Reichelt Dietary derived, bioactive peptides in urine from autistic children
Round Table Discussion

Chairmen Hans Forssberg & Tore Midtvedt

Panel: All lecturers + Olav Albert Christophersen

Concluding Remarks


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